AHA is its members!

Becoming a member is the best way to support AHA. Our members’ skills, passion and desire to share knowledge are what make AHA! great. Members also gain access to low- and high-tech tools and equipment most people wouldn’t likely have at home (CNC/Laser Cutter/3D Printer/Vinyl Cutter).

We offer many membership options to suit your means and style.

$125 or more / month

Supporting members contribute financial resources we need to survive and thrive. They are listed on our Supporters page with their name or a logo of their choice.

$0 + 10hr / month

Volunteers keep AHA running with critical recurring contributions such as hosting public hours, teaching classes, or board service.

$65 + 1hr / month

Standard membership includes all the benefits of membership at a rate we hope most can afford.

Reduced Rate
$25 + 5hr / month

Reduced Rate members contribute their time while still financially supporting AHA!

$15 / +1 / month

Any membership may be extended to people in the same household for an additional $15 per person per month.


Have something to contribute to AHA but none of these is right for you or within your means? Talk to us!

All members are eligible for an any-time access badge for the space and are eligible to vote and run in board elections. Members can also take all tool training class for $20 with free refreshers and have access to temporary storage lockers. Members also get access to a members email list.

All members are expected to contribute to the basic maintenance of the space: replenish what you use, leave the space cleaner than you found it, and expect at least an hour per month of involvement from keeping track of the happenings on the mailing list to fixing something that’s broken.

Membership Process

  1. Complete and submit the liability form in person.
  2. Read and understand our Anti-Harassment Policy.
  3. Fill out our new member form online.
  4. Make arrangements for payment. Paying via PayPal (see below) is a great option, but you may also pay via cash or check. Contact board@allhandsactive.org to arrange anything other than paypal.
  5. (optional) For key-card any-time access to the space, complete your first month’s volunteer hours and then contact board@allhandsactive.org or use the operations channel on Matrix. Matrix is also a great place to find volunteer opportunities.

Pay For a Membership via Paypal

Membership Options


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