AHA! is a space to create. We help with a wide assortment of processes like soldering, sewing, laser cutting, software development, 3d printing, CNC routing, app development, carpentry, machining, Arduino and embedded systems programming. Our goal is to make technology and fabrication as fun and empowering as playing with Legos. We put diverse skills and equipment under one roof to accommodate the unanticipated needs of creative and innovative projects.

We believe that if you can’t fix it, you don’t own it. At AHA! you can take apart the things you take for granted: learn how they work and how to adapt them to your purposes!

We make Ann Arbor smarter by hosting classes and workshops, sharing our skills, making our tools and workshop accessible to the wider community, and cultivating a welcoming community of hackers, makers and creative types.

We strive to be as accessible as possible with low costs, classes and a welcoming environment for all. Good things happen when we lower barriers between people and their creativity.

We depend on community support!

We are a valuable community resource, and in turn we are supported directly by the community. Please consider how you can support us in our mission!


All Hands Active is structured as an all volunteer-run 501(c)(3) non-profit community organization.